SRML station: Bend, OR

The Bend Oregon monitoring station. A horizontal sensor is located at the top left corner of the solar array. At a 32° angle is a second sensor located in the top right of the solar array. The solar array is 3.6 kW. The veritcal pole is directly north of the horizontal sensor.

Panoramic view of the surrouding skyline from the Bend station. The trees to the west extend up to an elevation of 35°. These trees cast a shadow on the PV array in the afternoons.

The approximate elevation angle and aziumuthal anlge of predominate features of the skyline are denoted in the picture. NOTE: The unceratinty the zenith angle is +- 1 degree. The uncertainty in the azimuthal angle is +- 2 degrees. Due to distortion effects in taking the photograph, the horizontal locations in the photograph are not to scale.