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Sponsors button The website is undergoing security upgrades. Some programs, like plot routines may not work at present 8-3-2023. Meet the organizations that support our work.
Solar data button View or download sets of solar radiation data, and learn about the data and the instruments used to gather them.
Monitoring stations button Visit the locations where we collect solar radiation data, and find out what types of data are available.
Software tools button Access software tools you can use to create sun charts, perform solar-related calculations, and manipulate and display solar data.
Photovoltaic data button Find out about our monitoring of photovoltaic systems, along with information about solar electric systems, tools for analyzing PV systems, and shade analysis forms developed for the Energy Trust of Oregon..
Educational material button Check out our educational resources, including information about solar radiation, as well as solar cell lesson plans for teachers. Also you may see the information page of Solar and Infrared Radiation Measurements Book written by Doctor Vignola (Director of the SRML) and his colleagues.
Become a sponsor button If our work is of value to you or your organization, here's how you can become a sponsor or contract for our services.
Publications button Read or download scientific papers about solar radiation, and other documents and newsletters about solar energy.
Oregon Best Winery button Visit our site devoted to best practices in energy and water usage for Oregon's wine growers.

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