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Josh Peterson


B.S.,  University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Physics, 2000.
B.S.,  University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Mathematics, 2001
Ph.D.,  Auburn University, Experimental Plasma Physics, 2008.

Josh Peterson graduated from Auburn University in 2008 studying the magnetic field of a stellarator type nuclear fusion device. Josh’s research interests are focused on sustainable energy development with practical applications. Josh joined the SRML team in 2012.

In the solar resource monitoring lab, Josh is involved in all aspects of the lab’s performance. A few of the key areas where he has made significant contributions to the lab include:

Calibrating the many instruments of the various SRML sites. This calibration process is key in obtaining the small uncertainty values of the SRML data sets. Josh has written a Mathematica script that standardizes the calibration process and quantifies the instruments uncertainties.
Studying the spectrum of incident light through the use of a spectroradiometer and a multi-filter rotating shadowband radiometer. Specifically, he investigates how the spectrum of light varies with the time of day and weather conditions. Josh has consolidated the many discrete spectral data sets into a consistent format. Josh is currently working on incorporating the spectral data into the SMARTS2 model. The SMARTS2 model is computes the clear sky spectral irradiances for specified atmospheric conditions.

Organize and streamline the many data sets the SRML manages. Recently Josh has worked to develop a new file format to archive and display the various data sets. The new format is significantly more user friendly and is much more intuitive and descriptive in its format. Josh is currently working on developing a data analysis tool that will allow viewing and analyzing the data of the lab easier and more efficient.

Public relations promoting the SRML and University of Oregon. The SRML has been a long time institution of the University of Oregon hiding on the third floor of Onyx Bridge. Josh routinely participates a public outreach events promoting the lab and informing the public about the importance of solar resource monitoring. Recently, Josh presented at the 2017 solar eclipse viewing party at the Fairgrounds in Salem Oregon where he measured the sun while the eclipse was happening.

Josh originally hails from central Wisconsin. Since moving to Oregon in 2012, he loves exploring the beautiful state with his family. Josh is an avid outdoors enthusiast and participates in many of the wonderful outdoor adventures that Oregon has to offer. When he is not measuring the sun from the roof of Pacific hall, Josh is probably walking down a trail in the woods.

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