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Station ID codes

Each station in our solar monitoring network is assigned a station ID code. In most of our data files, this code appears first. For file naming purposes, we also commonly use a two-letter station name abbreviation. Below are all the code numbers and name abbreviations that have been in use at one time or another. Please note that some of the monitoring stations listed are not currently in service, and certain others are privately operated, requiring that special permission be obtained to use data gathered there.

ID code Location Abbrev
94002 Portland DEQ, OR P1
94003 Milwaukie MES, OR PL
94005 Gladstone, OR GL
94007 Scoggins Creek, OR SC
94008 Forest Grove, OR FG
94019 Aprovecho, OR AP
94040 Ashland, OR AS
94101 Green River, WY GR
94102 Moab, UT MO
94145 Dillon, MT DI
94158 Cheney, WA CY
94166 Klamath Falls, OR KF
94167 Whitehorse Ranch, OR WH
94168 La Grande, OR LG
94169 Hermiston, OR HE
94169 Hermiston (AgriMet), OR HN
94170 Burns, OR BU
94171 Twin Falls (Kimberly), ID TF
94171 Twin Falls (Agrimet), ID TW
94172 Picabo, ID PI
94173 Parma, ID PA
94174 Aberdeen, ID AB
94181 Coeur d'Alene, ID CD
94182 Boise, ID BO
94185 Challis, ID BO
94249 Silver Lake, OR SL
94250 Klamath Falls, OR KF
94251 Christmas Valley, OR CH
94252 Madras, OR MA
94253 Corvallis, OR CV
94254 Willamette High School, Eugene, OR WI
94255 Eugene, OR EU
94256 Bend, OR BE
94257 Coos Bay, OR CB
94258 Portland, OR PT
94277 Hood River, OR HR
94278 West Hood River, OR WR
94279 Parkdale, OR PD

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