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EKO MS80 pyranometer

EKO MS80 The EKO MS80 pyranometer is an ISO9060:2018 Class A pyranometer and alternately a World Meteorological Organization Secondary Standard Radiometer, designed for the measurement of global horizontal irradiance, the total solar radiation on a horizontal surface (the sum of direct and diffuse). It has an isolated thermopile detector under a single dome and a Quartz diffuse. It has a ventilator and heater to reduce the impact of dust, dew, frost, and snow. The MS80 has an easy to view level.


Sensitivity: approximately 10 µV/Wm-2.

Impedance: < 45,000 650 Ohms.

Temperature Dependence: ±1% over ambient temperature range -20 to +50°C.

Thermal Offset is ±2; Wm-2
Deviation from linearity: ±0.2% at 1000 Wm-2 .

Response time: 0.5 second (1/e signal).

Directional Response: <±10% at 1000 Wm-2 .

The relative accuracy of calibration is about ~±2%.

Field calibration

Yearly calibrations are useful because the pyranometer responsivity has been observed to deteriorate over time. The most accurate way to calibrate a pyranometer is to measure the direct normal beam irradiation with an Absolute Cavity Radiometer and the diffuse irradiance with a black and white pyranometer shaded by a disk. The direct normal data are projected onto the horizontal surface and the diffuse values are added to obtain the best estimate of the total (global) irradiance on the horizontal surface. In the field a reference pyranometer calibrated against an Absolute Cavity Radiometer and diffuse measurements is used.

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