We are continually posting papers, newsletters, lesson plans, and other publications on our Web server. All of these are available in Adobe's Portable Document Format. In addition, some of our publications can be obtained in Microsoft Word format. If some other document format would work better for you, we may be able to help—please contact us.

Currently available publications

The Pacific Northwest Solar Data book discusses the history of the UO SRML, procedures used to obtain and analyze solar radiation data, and maintenance and calibration techniques used by the UO SRML.

You can read articles and papers written at the Lab for publication in scientific journals or proceedings of various meetings.

Check out these newsletters published for the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association, the Resource Assessment Division of the American Solar Energy Society, and newsletters written for the Northwest Solar Alliance.

Here are some lesson plans on various subjects related to solar energy. Suggested questions and answers for each lesson plan are available to teachers upon request.

For more information

See our section on solar data for information about instruments used to collect solar radiation data and about our solar monitoring stations.

The software tools section of our site contains information relevant to the use of the software.

The education section of our Web site is being developed. Our goal is to provide basic solar resource information along with more technical discussions for those interested in more detailed information.

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