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Eppley Total Ultraviolet Radiometer (TUVR)

Eppley Total Ultraviolet

      Radiometer The Eppley Total Ultraviolet Radiometer (TUVR) is a detector for the measurement of solar UVA radiation (0.295 to 0.385 µm). The instrument utilizes a hermetically sealed selenium barrier-layer cell that is protected by a quartz window. A specially designed teflon provides for a good cosine response. An encapsulated narrow band pass (interference) filter limits the spectral response of the photocell to the wavelength interval 0.295 to 0.385 µm.


Sensitivity: 150 µV/Wm-2.

Impedance: approx. 1500 Ohms.

Response Time: milliseconds.

Temperature Dependence: ±0.3% per °C over ambient temperature range -40 to +40°C.
Linearity: ±2% from 0 to 70 Wm-2.

Cosine Correction: ±3.5% from normalization 0-70° zenith angle.

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