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SRML stations: Grants Pass, OR (PV)
(Latitude: 42.44; Longitude: -123.35; Altitude: 293 m)

This station in Grants Pass is designed to monitor the performance of a solar elctric system as part of a project with the Energy Trust of Oregon. The station came on-line on September 26, 2003 and monitoring was ended April 19, 2005. Links in the tables below will take you to more in-depth information about the accuracy of data collected and the instruments in use.

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Grants Pass (PV) 2003 - 2005
Data type Instrument Data interval Period of record
Solar radiation data
Tilted West 27° LI-COR Pyranometer 5 min. 2003-2005
Tilted East 27° LI-COR Pyranometer 5 min. 2003-2005
Tilted South 19° LI-COR Pyranometer 5 min. 2003-2005
Meteorological data
Wind speed   5 min. 2003-2005
Temperature   5 min. 2003-2005
Cell temperature.   5 min. 2003-2005
Solar cell performance
Three 1.11 kW arrays   5 min. 2003-2005

Station maintenance

This station is located at a private residence in Grants Pass. Thanks to Bob Maynard for his assistance.

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