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SRML stations: Kalapuya High School, OR (PV)
(Latitude: 45; Longitude: 120; Altitude: 0 m)

This station is in Kalapuya High school in Eugene, OR.

Kalapuya 2016 - present
Data type Degrees Data interval Period of record
Solar radiation data
Wind Direction Degrees 1 min. 2016-now
Array 1 Six panels 1 min. 2016-now
DC Voltage millivolts 1 min. 2016-now
DC Current milliamps; 1 min. 2016-now
DC Power Watts 1 min. 2016-now
AC Power millivolts 1 min. 2016-Now
Module Temperature celsius 1 min. 2016-Now
Array 2 pair of panel with Anphase inverter 1 min. 2016-Now
AC Voltage millivolts 1 min. 2016-Now
AC Current milliamps 1 min. 2016-Now
AC Power Watts 1 min. 2016-Now
AC Current Array pair 2 1 min. 2016-Now
AC Current Array pair 3 1 min. 2016-Now
Module Temperature Celsius 1 min. 2016-Now

Station maintenance

This station is located in Eugene Oregon.

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