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Kipp & Zonen tracker (2AP)
Kipp & Zonen 2AP tracker (formerly from Sci-Tec) is a two-axis positioner which uses a computer program to point pyrheliometers and pyranometers at the sun. The tracker also has the capability to make diffuse measurements using a shade ball that just shades the solar radiation coming directly from the sun. The 2AP is far superior to a manually adjusted tracker in that one only needs to know the correct time to align the tracker—the sky need not be clear. The 2AP's embedded microcomputer controls the azimuth and zenith of the positioning gears. A serial interface provides communication with a host computer. The system clock should be reset at least once a month.


The thermal jacket provided with the tracker has not held up well in Eugene's weather.
Be sure that the cables attached to instruments on the tracker allow the tracker its full range of movement.
Eppley NIPs mounted on the tracker need to have the back flange as far forward as possible to keep the connector or cable from being bent by the back shelf when the tracker goes into its sundown position.
It is helpful if the tracker is connected to power through a UPS. This allows the system to keep working through short power outages and helps to protect the electronics. If the power to the tracker goes down, the tracker will automatically realign itself when power is restored.

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