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Parsed TMY2 data files

Typical Meteorological Year 2 (TMY2) data files are created from the National Solar Radiation Data Base (NSRDB), a solar radiation and meteorological database (1961-1990) created by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The NSRDB was created from meteorological data and cloud cover observations along with some existing solar radiation data. More information on the database can be found at on NREL’s NSRDB web page.

The TMY2 data files are one year’s worth of values from each of the 239 sites in the NSRDB that represent the typical solar radiation and meteorological conditions as determined from the 30 year database. More information on TMY2 data files is on the NREL TMY2 web page.

Parsed TMY2 data files are TMY2 data files that have been translated in tab separated ASCII data files in a format similar to the Archive data format used for data collected from the UO SRML solar monitoring network. These parsed data files are easily imported into spread sheets.

The parsed TMY2 data files were created so that the data files could be manipulated using the Solar Calculator software that will soon be available as shareware on this web site.

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