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SRML stations: Salem, OR (PV)
(Latitude: 44.921; Longitude: -123.018; Altitude: 62 m)

This Salem, Oregon station is designed originally to monitor the performance of a solar elctric system as part of a project with the Energy Trust of Oregon. The station came on-line on December 30, 2003. On October 4, 2011 data collection switched from 5-minute to 1-minute data files. In December, 2014, the station was dismantled and moved from Latitude 44.94, Longitude -123.03, Altitude 62 meters to the current location. The new site with a clearer field of view. Links in the tables below will take you to more in-depth information about the accuracy of data collected and the instruments in use.

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Salem (PV) 2003 - present
Data type Instrument Data interval Period of record
Solar radiation data
Global Kipp and Zonen Sp-Lite pyranometer 5 min. 2003-2011
1 min. 2011-now
Tilted South 45° (azimuth 198°) Kipp and Zonen Sp-Lite pyranometer 5 min. 2003-2011
1 min. 2011-2014
Tilted South 30° (azimuth 180°) Kipp and Zonen Sp-Lite pyranometer 1 min. 2014-now
Meteorological data
Wind speed   5 min. 2003-2011
1 min. 2011-now
Temperature   5 min. 2003-2011
1 min. 2011-now
Cell temperature.   5 min. 2003-2011
1 min. 2011-2014
Solar cell performance
1.12 kW array Sharp 165W/PV Powered 1100; 5 min. 2003-2011
1 min. 2011-2014

Station maintenance

This station is located at the PGE Smart Power Center in Salem. Thanks to PGE for use of this space and help maintaining this station.

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