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Select single element profile files

Use this form to select single element profile files for downloading. Check appropriate stations, and then specify the types of data and range of months that are of interest. Click on the Select files button to see a page listing all the files that were selected. You can then download all of them as a single compressed file, or you can download desired data files one at a time.

Step 1—Specify stations

    Aberdeen   Boise
    Coeur d'Alene   Parma
    Picabo   Twin Falls


  Ashland   Bend
    Bend (PV)   Burns
    Cannon Beach (PV)   Christmas Valley
    Coos Bay   Corvallis
  Eugene   Forest Grove
    Grants Pass (PV)   Hermiston
    Hood River   Klamath Falls
    Klamath Falls (PV)   La Grande
    Madras   Medford
    Portland   Portland (PV)
    Salem (PV)   Sheldon Village
    Silver Lake   Whitehorse Ranch
    Willamette HS    


    Cheney   Richland
    Seattle   White Bluff

    Green River    

Step 2—Specify types of data

Diffuse Direct normal beam
Global Ground reflected
PV power output Rainfall
Relative humidity Temperature
Tilted 90 deg North Tilted 15 deg South
Tilted 25 deg South Tilted 30 deg South
Tilted 45 deg South Tilted 60 deg South
Tilted 90 deg South Ultraviolet
Wind direction Wind dir avg SD
Wind speed  

Step 3—Specify months

From Through

Step 3—Click the Select button


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