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Single element profile files

Sometimes it's useful to have a single data type in one file, as we do in our single element profile files. These files present data in a tabular format that facilitates computation of daily totals and hourly average values. Like our other data file types, these are tab-separated ASCII format, so they can be readily imported into a spread sheet program.
The first header row contains the station initials, followed by year, month, data type initials and element number. The second header row lists the hours of the day, from 100 (1:00 a.m.) to 2400. Following these headers, each row contains the data values for a single day of the month.


    eu    2000  July  HGl   1000

    Day\Hr      100   200   300   400   500   600

    1           0     0     0     0     4     27

    2           0     0     0     0     6     86

    3           0     0     0     0     3     23

    4           0     0     0     0     3     34
This example shows the first several columns and rows of a typical single element profile file. Since the data type here is global irradiance ("1000"), data values are zero until sunrise. An actual file would contain 18 additional columns to the right, and—since this example is for July—27 additional rows of data.

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