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SRML stations: Whitehorse Ranch, OR
(Latitude: 42.33; Longitude: 118.23; Altitude: 1325 m)

Whitehorse Ranch was part of the original UO solar monitoring network from 1977-1979. In 1979 it was upgraded with a better data logger and first class instrumentation. Links in the table below will take you to more in-depth information about the accuracy of the data collected and the instruments in use.

See A Photograph
Data type Instrument Data interval Period of record
Solar radiation data
Global Schenk Star pyranometer daily 1977-1981
Eppley PSP hourly 1979-1985
Direct normal Eppley NIP hourly 1979-1985
Diffuse [Calculated] hourly 1979-1985
Meteorological Data
Temperature   hourly 1980-1985
Wind speed   hourly 1983-1984
Wind direction   hourly 1983-1984

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