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SRML stations: Corvallis, OR
(Latitude: 44.57; Longitude: 123.23; Altitude: 65 m)

The Corvallis station was a Solar Energy Meteorological Research and Training Site. The table lists all measurements that were made. Only categories with dates are data available digitally on this web site. Links in the table below will take you to more in-depth information about the accuracy of the data collected and the instruments in use.
Data type Instrument Data interval Period of record
Solar radiation data
Global Eppley PSP hourly 1980-1982
Direct normal Eppley NIP hourly 1980-1982
Diffuse Eppley PSP with shadowband    
Global OG 530 Eppley PSP    
Global RG 695 Eppley PSP    
Tilted 44.6° Eppley PSP    
UV Spectral Eppley TUVR    
Downward Solar & Atmospheric Irradiance CSIRO Funk-type radiometer    
Meteorological data
Temperature Climatronics thermistor    
Wind speed Climatronics    
Wind direction Climatronics    
Dew point Climatronics Lithium Cloride sensor    

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