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SRML stations: Portland, OR (PV)
(Latitude: 45.51; Longitude: -122.69; Altitude: 70 m)

This Portland, Oregon station is designed to monitor the performance of a solar elctric system as part of a project with the Energy Trust of Oregon. The station came on-line on February 18, 2004. The collection of one-minute data started on May 24, 2011. Links in the tables below will take you to more in-depth information about the accuracy of data collected and the instruments in use.

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Portland (PV) 2004 - present
Data type Instrument Data interval Period of record
Solar radiation data
Global Irradiance RSR 5 min. 2004-2011
1 min. 2011-now
Direct normal [Calculated] 5 min. 2004-2011
1 min. 2011-now
Diffuse Irradiance RSR 5 min. 2004-2011
1 min. 2011-now
Tilted South 33° (azimuth 204°) LI-COR Pyranometer 5 min. 2004-2006
Tilted South 30° (azimuth 201°) LI-COR Pyranometer 1 min. 2011-now
Tilted South 16° (azimuth 201°) LI-COR Pyranometer 1 min. 2011-now
Meteorological data
Wind speed   5 min. 2004-2011
1 min. 2011-now
Wind direction   1 min. 2011-now
Temperature   5 min. 2004-2011
1 min. 2011-now
Cell temperature elem 9371 5 min. 2004-2006
1 min. 2012-now
elem 9372 1 min. 2012-now
elem 9373 1 min. 2012-now
elem 9374 1 min. 2012-now
elem 9375 1 min. 2012-now
Solar cell performance
1.2 kW array Photowatt 100 W/ Advanced Energy 1000 5 min. 2004-2006
0.816 kW array Unisolar 68W/ Fronius IG 2000 1 min. 2012-now
1.260 kW array Photowatt 105W/ PVP 1100 1 min. 2012-now
1.14 kW array Evergreen 190W/ Solectra PV1 1800 1 min. 2012-now
0.6 kW array Kaneka 60W/SMA 700 1 min. 2012-now
1.755 kW array Sanyo 195W/ SMA 3000 1 min. 2012-now

Station maintenance

The solar monitoring station is now part of the Portland State University PV Test Facility. Thanks to Portland State University for their cooperation.

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