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SRML stations: Madras, OR
(Latitude: 44.69; Longitude: 121.16; Altitude: 997 m)

This page provides an overview of the solar and meteorological monitoring equipment at the Madras station. Links in the table below will take you to more in-depth information about the accuracy of the data collected and the instruments in use.

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Data type Instrument Data interval Period of record
Solar radiation data
Global LI-COR Pyranometer 15 min. 1994-2016
1 min. 2017-now
Diffuse LI-COR Pyranometer with shadowband 15 min. 1996-2016
1 min. 2017-now
Meteorological data
Temperature   15 min. 1994-2016
1 min. 2017-now
Rainfall   15 min. 1994-2016
1 min. 2017-now
Wind speed   15 min. 1994-2016
1 min. 2017-now
Wind direction   15 min. 1994-2016
1 min. 2017-now
Relative humidity   15 min. 1994-2016
1 min. 2017-now

Station maintenance

The Madras station is located at the Central Oregon Ag Research Center. We appreciate the assistance of the station maintenance operator.

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