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SRML stations: Seattle_UW, WA
(Latitude: 47.654; Longitude: -122.309; Altitude: 70 m)

This page provides an overview of the solar and meteorological monitoring equipment at the Seattle station located at the University of Washington. The Seattle_UW station was established in October of 2015. An new automatic tracker enabling diffuse measurements and a pyrgeometer were added in July, 2020. In 2021, the Eppley PSPs were replaced by Hukseflux SR20 pyranometers and the Eppley PIR was moved to Burns. Links in the table below will provide more in-depth information about the accuracy of data collected and the instruments in use.

See A Photograph
Data type Instrument Data interval Period of record
Solar radiation data
Global Eppley PSP 1 min. 2015-2021
Hukesflux SR20 1 min. 2021-now
Direct normal Eppley NIP 1 min. 2015-now
Diffuse [Calculated] 1 min. 2015-2020
[Eppley PSP with shade disk] 1 min. 2020-2021
[Hukseflux SR20 with shade disk] 1 min. 2021-2022
Long wavelength radiation [Eppley PIR] 1 min. 2020-2021
Meteorological data
Temperature   1 min. 2015-now

Station maintenance

The Seattle station is located on the roof of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington.

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